Cyber Threat Intelligence Research and Monitoring

• Crime and Fraud Investigation
• Insider Threat Identification
• Brand and Data Leak Alerting

24/7 Monitoring of Your Company's Most Valuable Assets

Search For Threats Across
Hundreds of Private Forums
Thousands of Leaked Databases.

Adversary & Insider Threat Intelligence

Current and historical visibility into open and closed-source forums and channels, where threat actors collaborate, communicate and plan cyber attacks.

Access to Private and Undisclosed Breach Data

Use the criminal’s own tools against them. Monitor your employee and VIP accounts for indicators of compromise and stop attacks before they happen.

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Monitor Leaks and Brand Exposure, Detect Insider Threat, Investigate Cybercrime and Fraud, Access and alert on criminal forum activity.

The use of weak or stolen credentials remains the #1 hacking technique. Data Viper provides account takeover protection and employee/brand monitoring services that allow you to Take Action Before the Criminals Do.

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Cybercrime Intelligence and adversary research is focused on infiltrating and maintaining access to closed sources where threat actors collaborate, communicate and plan cyber attacks.

With access to the largest collection of historical forum and private chatter data anywhere, Data Viper was designed from the group up to identify members of the world’s most prominent hacking groups.

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Use our collection of historical data to track hackers back through time when they were more likely to have made mistakes.

Insider ThreatPrevention

Prevent insider threat attacks by monitoring forums and private channels where criminals collaborate and plan their attacks.

Closed Source &Dark Web Monitoring

Our threat intelligence specialists maintain the access to the most exclusive closed-access forums and channels on the on the web.

Credential Exposure

Use our collection of breached records to alert when an employee’s account has become compromised, or use the historical records to track a threat actors through years of accounts.

MassiveData Archive

The largest collection of historical threat actor and breached data available.

Rich APIAccess

Complete API access is available to load our data into your own application or dashboard.


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